Speedometer for Buses and Subway

December 8, 2005

Vicor modules (VI-J00 products) are used to redesign speedometers for urban transport such as buses and subway trains. Using the ‘T’ input voltage range, Vicor modules are very well suited to the transportation field. ‘T’ input voltages range from 66 to 160 Vdc and fit with 72 Vdc; 96 Vdc, and 110 Vdc, with the same part numbers.

Vicor modules were suitable for this project because of the wide input voltage range: 66-160 Vdc. The low storage and operating temperatures were also of benefit to the client; the baseplate can be put onto a cold surface to make the design easier. Also, because the modules are fully encapsulated, they withstand high shock and vibration environments

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