Output Voltage Trimming

September 22, 2005

The nominal output voltage of Vicor’s DC-DC converter can be trimmed up or down within a specified range. Most of our 1st Gen converters can be adjusted between -50% and +10% (except outputs between 10V and 15V, which are limited to a range of +/- 10%). All our 2nd Gen converters can be trimmed down to 10% or up to 110% of nominal output voltage.

Fixed set output trimming can be achieved using a single resistor or by using a potentiometer when variable outputs are required. The use of an OpAmp or DAC gives you more flexibility to change the output voltage dynamically. Care has to be taken not to exceed the maximum voltage rating of the control pin provided in our datasheets. Usually a minimum pre load is necessary to reach the lowest output voltage. Please contact Vicor’s applications engineering for more details.Do not exceed 0.25 Vdc drop between -S and -Out leads. This is an important consideration if OR’ing diodes are used – they should be located in the +Output lead to avoid exceeding this rating.

The trimming resistors, potentiometer, or active circuitry are connected to TRIM (1st Gen) or to SC (2nd Gen) respectively, and are referenced to the SENSE pins. Due to the lack of SENSE pins in our Micro modules, the trimming resistors are referenced to the -OUT and +OUT. To avoid noise being introduced into the module, the trim components should be located close to the module’s pins.



For convenience, we provide trimming calculators for fixed and for variable output trimming on our web page. Please see both links below.

Click here for fixed output trimming calculators

Click here for variable output trimming calculators


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