PFC MicroS: Winning Combination of High Density, Low Profile

May 5, 2005

One customer uses two different PFC MicroS configurations in a semiconductor test system. The system is a very large climatic chamber that is configurable to allow the test of different semiconductor families. Dependent upon the type of DUT (device under test) the configuration of the power system is adapted to the task. The power system has three 3-phase 10KW main transformers that independently power the climatic chamber compressor, the control system and the test system.

The test system uses 48 channels and each channel has its own dedicated test board that is capable of operating many DUTs. Each board in turn has up to seven Vicor converters powering the many voltages needed during test. It was the programmability of the output voltage of 2nd generation modules that enabled Vicor to provide a successful solution for this customer.

The PFC MicroS was used as an auxiliary power supply (48 pieces per test system) to generate either an additional 5/3.3 V auxiliary high current output for current intensive tests or a 24/48 V high voltage bus used primarily in testing automotive semiconductors.

Though the test system itself is large, the small form factor of the PFC MicroS was instrumental for this design win. The customer was able to offer an extended capability on its system mainly because the PFC MicroS could fit into the room left by the main power system. Any power supply with lower power density would not have fit!

Get a PFC MicroS datasheet.

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